Want to Have a Super Fun Cub Scout Event?

Justin provides a super fun magic show custom tailored to cub scouts. Justin was a former cub scout and boy scout as a kid. Then later, was a scout leader for his own kid. So he understands how cub scouts works first hand.

In his Cub Scout show

  • All Kids get to participate, even if they don’t go on stage. This is important because kids love magic and want to participate, but don’t always have that chance with other magicians.
  • Every level of scout from Tiger Cubs to Weebelos are used in the show for different routines. This makes each level of scout feel special.
  • Some of the stories in the show relate to what Justin learned in scouting. This makes the point that scouting is important and fun.
  • The show is squeaky clean and there is no “blue” humor. You won’t be embarrassed by Justin’s show.

To inquire about booking your cub scout event,
please fill out the form below or call 651-468-4758.

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